Assert Your Rights

The following is the language I give to my clients in the event they are stopped by law enforcement. Remember, while you should exercise your rights, don’t give the officers a reason to claim that you resisted or were uncooperative. Be polite.

Officer, please understand I refuse to talk with you until I consult with my attorney. I also refuse to consent to any search of these premises, or any other premises under my control, or in which I have a possessory, proprietary or privacy interest, including my car, my body or my effects. I hereby demand to immediately be allowed the reasonable opportunity to obtain the advice of my attorney by telephone.

I desire to exercise all my rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin, to be free from your interference with my person or affairs. If you attempt to question me, I want my lawyer present. I refuse to participate in any line-up or perform any physical acts (except OWI related tests), or to speak or display my person or property at your direction, without first conferring with my lawyer. If I am under arrest, I wish to invoke and exercise my Miranda rights. If you ignore my exercise of these rights and attempt to procure a waiver, I want to confer with my lawyer prior to any conversation with you.

If I am to be taken into custody, removed from my present location, or separated from my property, I request a reasonable opportunity to make arrangements to secure my own property. I do not consent to any impoundment or inventory of my property. I do hereby waive any claim of liability for loss, theft or damage against you, your superiors, or any other authority, and agree to hold all harmless therefrom, if I am afforded the reasonable opportunity to arrange for the safekeeping of my own property. If this reasonable opportunity is denied or is unavailable, I demand that only such intrusion occur as is minimally necessary to secure such property, hereby waiving any claim of liability for your failure to scrutinize the property or its contents prior to it being secured.

If I am not under arrest I want to leave. If I am free to leave, please tell me immediately so that I may go about my business.

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