I’ve Lost My License, Now What?

You’ve lost your license. In a state like Wisconsin where public transportation is limited, this can be devastating to your ability to make ends meet. There are ways a qualified attorney can help you through this process.

1. Occupational License

It may be that an occupational driver’s license is all you qualify for. You can check with the Department of Transportation to see if you you are eligible. If not, it’s time to contact anexperienced traffic attorney to see if anything else can be done.

2. Review a copy of your driving record.

You can obtain a copy of your abstract directly from DOT. This is essentially a waste of time if the lawyer you contact, as I do, has an account with the department that allows him or her to obtain your record via the internet. A qualified attorney will be able to review your record and determine the roadblocks preventing you from getting you back on the road.

3. Execute the strategy

Once it is determined which hurdles must be cleared, an experienced attorney will be able to begin the process of reinstating your operating privilege. Remember, there are many instances where this will not be possible. Generally speaking, we make attempts at improving the record through motions to reopen past convictions. This may put you in a position to reinstate. In the event that full reinstatement is not possible, an attempt can be made to make you eligible for an occupational license.

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