Competent investigation is a must

No criminal lawyer can effectively represent his or her clients without engaging the services of a top notch private investigator from time to time. You simply can’t take witness statements yourself as there is a distinct possibility that you may become a witness and therefore conflicted out. The prosecution has a virtual army of investigators and other support staff putting the case against your client together. You can’t put yourself behind the eight-ball before you’re in court.

A good investigator can give you perspective you may lack in a given case. I tend to take my cases a little too personally sometimes. The investigator can  ground a lawyer in reality. My investigator is very good at what he does and is even a polygraph expert. in addition to taking statements, he helps me put clients and witnesses on the “hot seat” and see how they will do under cross exam.

If you are consulting with a criminal defense lawyer, ask him about their investigator. No criminal lawyer can or should be on his own.  Our firm can help you with your legal questions. Check out my website for more information on finding a criminal lawyer.

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