Keep it confidential

Attorney’s are required to protect their client’s confidential information. In fact, a lawyer can put his license to practice in jeopardy if he discloses privileged communications. So why do so many clients make the mistake of making this type of information public? We have become a society of people who love to communicate. We text, email, Tweet,blog and Facebook. What so many clients fail to appreciate is that our adversaries are out there lurking in cyberspace waiting for a slip-up. Many times I have entered a court room confident in my case only to have my position weakened by the loose lips of a client on the internet.

Many people get the the idea that they should not speak to an interrogating officer without their lawyer present. Anyone who has watched a police drama should be familiar with their Miranda rights. Why then would anyone make the mistake of putting information out there available to law enforcement, and anyone else who may happen to be looking in? Text messaging has also been the downfall of many a client as the content can be preserved and used later, sometimes with devastating results. The old adage “loose lips sink ships” is worth observing today. Control your typing fingers and keep information regarding your case between you and your attorney. Our firmcan help you with your legal questions. Check out my website for more information on finding a criminal lawyer.

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