Happy Thanksgiving

That first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims sat down to eat with the Wampanoag Indians who shared in a time of giving thanks for their good fortune celebrated the fact that they had survived. Half of those 130 souls that sailed the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean for 66 days and struggled to eke out a living that first year died of a variety of misfortunes. Those who were left laid the groundwork together for a new country dedicated to freedom.

As you sit down to your Turkey with friends and family remember those hardy souls and give thanks for your good fortune. Give thanks for friends, family, food in your belly and a roof over your head. Honor the sacrifices of those who have gone before you. Remember those who are less fortunate. Above all, resist the temptations that endanger you and others. Family holidays seem to precipitate conflict. Conflict often leads to use of alcohol and other substances. Stress and impairing substances are a recipe for disaster. This mix leads to drunk driving, domestic violence and other violent crime, sometimes with tragic conclusions. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday

May God’s Blessings be upon you and yours,


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